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  1. all starts with a dream and a story

  2. Being a hands-on entrepreneur and driving your business is very important

  3. There is never 'right' time to start your business, start and make your time right

  4. However bad your situation or background is, you can change your future

  5. A dream, an idea, an inspiration, a to-do list and some faith is all it takes

  6. According to science, being 'rebellious' is a good attribute of an entrepreneur

  7. Get relevant experience and know your industry well before you startup

  8. Getting the right co-founders and forming a team is a major key to success

  9. Look smart, look sharp. Investing time in grooming yourself is important

  10. Fund raising is never easy. Never stop knocking doors until you knock the right one

  11. Entrepreneurial 'patience' means knowing the difference between wasting time and energy and investing time and energy

  12. Sometimes you need to create an opportunity than waiting for one

  13. Learn to handle rejections, criticisms and even humiliations. It's all part of the journey

  14. Opportunity always keeps knocking. Learn to grab one when it knocks

  15. Know your market well and study your customer needs. Its crucial

  16. Learn to develop and present professional industry standard business plans

  17. Master the art of communication, presentation and pitching. Always present to impress

  18. If you're a government dependent business, learn to lobby efficiently

  19. Get used to getting looked down by people as it's common

  20. Rejections are common. Learn to handle them well and bounce back soon

  21. Network. Network. Keep networking. Contacts are assets

  22. Work hard and luck will favor you. 'Luck' is labor under correct knowledge

  23. When you are in need, 99.9% chance people will never help you. Wake up to the reality of life. Truth is you are alone when choose the entrepreneurial journey

  24. Focus on production pipeline to produce maximum output at minimal costs

  25. Take time off to enjoy your success. All work and no play makes one demotivated and down







Credit goes to the movie, Soorarai Pottru by Sudha Kongara and separately to Santhosh Palavesh.

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