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26. Always keep an eye out of the big boys in the market, for a potential exit or investment

27. Develop great leadership team and efficient second lines

28. Beware of fake and non-serious investors. Not everybody who promises money are investors. Keep your paperwork strong

29. Sometimes it'll look like your dreams are shattered but it's not. Don't give up

30. Team work will take you far. Always stick together

31. A good life partner will always push you to win and will keep you motivated. Choose a life partner wisely

32. Make sure you spend enough time with your family. There are with you till the end

33. Always keep looking out for inspiration. One small idea can change your business positively

34. Learn to adapt technology early

35. Free trials, discounts and premium models are good to get initial customers to trial your product. It's called the behavioral business model

36. Value and respect friends who help you, irrespective of the size of help they do

37. Crowd funding and raising funds from friends and families can be a great way to generate initial seed capital

38. Think different. Growth hacking is more mindset than a tool kit

39. Embracing technology early is a great way to stay ahead in business

40. Build a great partner ecosystem to promote your business. Good partnership means growth

41. All problems have solutions. Think creative to solve your problems

42. Get mentorship from genuine mentors. Always seek help if needed

43. Press and social media are double edged sword, learn to handle it carefully

44. As you grow, you make bigger connections. It's a sign of growth

45. Fights and arguments between co-founders are common. Learn to handle it without involving ego

46. Work hard. Work hard. That's the only way to succeed

47. Patience is the greatest virtue even in the age of instant gratification

48. Always test your product well before launching it in market. Avoid costly testing mistakes

49. Release emotions, sometimes swearing helps

50. In the end, success may be delayed but wont be denied






Credit goes to the movie, Soorarai Pottru by Sudha Kongara and separately to Santhosh Palavesh.

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