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Marko Martinis – Chief Operating Officer

of Ematic Solutions

Vaishana is a competent HR Startup Advisor. She thrives in fast paced environment and is able to oversee as well as advice further from a strategic point. Vaishana’s advices definitely gave us clarity in what we need and what maybe we don’t need. So, it has definitely helped us around getting clarified on what our core pain points are and how we should address them. Her feedbacks were relevant and useful. She shared relevant details during our discussions of each topic and it was mature and significant. I am confident Vaishana’s work ethics would be a valuable asset to any Company especially in the journey of building a startup.

Lee Zhern Yuen - Country Manager of Qanvast

If you're having HR issues, looking to outsource your HR function please reach out to Vaishana. I've worked with her circa 2016 ; she was advising me on hiring and recruitment, employee legality etc. She is knowledgeable in her craft, neutral, professional as can be and easy to work with.

 Aishah – Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Carpediem Executive

Vaishana joined CarpeDiem on a short stint to assist us and has consistently shown great passion and commitment to any HR projects assigned to her. With her inquiring mind and quick problem-solving abilities, Vaishana was able to manage expectations. She does not hesitate to propose strategically that aligns to the Company’s needs.

 Prakash – Co-founder of Dream Color

Vaishana was primarily responsible for the Human Resources of DreamColor when we initially built our Startup in 2017 and continued to provide her expertise in 2019. Vaishana’s positive sprint and attitude resonates with our values. She handled all aspects of HR and proposed policies and processes that align with the brand. She works well cross functionally with others to reach goals and brings positive energy to everyone. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any Startup venture.

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